About Mr. Simmons


Harvard University

Starting his career, Mr. Simmons taught a lab course at the center for visual studies at Harvard University.

Tufts University

Having an interest in early childhood, Mr. Simmons next produced videos fot the Child Study Department.

Concord Academy

With a keen interested in education and media, Mr. Simmons taught courses in film, photograpy and media at this private school.

Ashby Elementary School

Working as a paraprofessional and lunch recess assistant, Mr. Simmons worked with elementary school children at all levels.

S.T.E.A.M Educator

Mr. Simmons teaches S.T.E.A.M. workshops at Roll on America in Lancaster, Ma. Children from elementary, junior and senior high come from area schools through out the state to learn, skate and even have lunch. 


Anne Cromwell, Principal - Ashby Elementary School:  " Mr. Simmons has worked with our elementary school. The students absolutely loved him. He worked very well with our students who are on the Autism Spectrum. He is soft spoken and has so many talents that the students just adore, especially his guitar playing. In our After-School program, where there are students of different grade levels, he is able to keep their attention all while providing a harmonious atmosphere. " 

Karen K. Parent:  "Mr. Simmons is fantastic with the kids. He brings out their creativity and inspires them to learn, all while having fun. The kids had such a blast in his class, just a delight for parents and children alike!"