Live & Online Events with Mr. Simmons

Mr. Simmons teaching a S.T.E.M class to 200 elementary school students at Roll On America.

S.T.E.M. workshops for kids - k through 5th grade

These workshops introduce various STEM concepts to the children and include interactive projects.  Each workshop has a mix of fun educational topics and hands on activities. Topics include:  Discussion of the STEM of fidgit spinners, iphones, transformers and toys. We show examples of scientists, artists and mathmaticians that have effected the children's lives, people like Walt Disney and Steve Jobs.   Activities may include projects like:  Drawing your own product design.  Creating a Transformer design.  Playing examples of sounds and making sounds. Each program is designed for the specific group. 

Film-making workshops - 1st through 12th grades

Custom workshops in film-making and creativity. Topics may include: scripting, editing, directing, acting, lighting, sound and creative thinking. Each workshop is designed for the specific age group and area of interest. 

Getting to Mars - 1st to 6th grades

This exciting workshop involves activities, interactive discussion and videos to take the children on an imaginative trip to Mars. Mr. Simmons works with resources from astronauts and NASA for this workshop! 

Song Writing K-4

Your children's group can write their own songs with Mr. Simmons. From Kindergarten to fourth grade. In this interactive workshop, Mr. Simmons sings songs and has the children come up with their own stories and characters and write their own songs!  They love this workshop!

So you want to be a film director! - 6th to 12th grades.

So you want to be a film-maker, from Star Wars to Marvel Comics. In this exciting hands on workshop Mr. Simmons introduces the students to all aspects of the film process from storyboarding to editing and animation. But more importantly, Mr. Simmons evaluates and comments on the students creative ideas for film projects and helps inspire their creativity. 

Pricing - $250 to $1500

Please contact Mr. Simmons at  or call: 603-562-9008

Contact, PO Box 321, Rindge, NH 03461

To book an event or get more information.

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